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application process

Here we have prepared a few steps for you that describe our application process. We hope you find it useful and look forward to hearing from you!


  • We are very happy to consider each of the applications received, both for a specific position and initiative ones
  • If the profile matches the requirements for a position, we contact selected candidates by phone and arrange a familiarizing meeting in the office or online
  • We conduct 1 or at most 2 interviews (in cases where the client for a project also wants to meet the candidate in advance)
  • The interview is rather exploratory, without tests. There are just some technical questions to better assess the level of the candidates
  • Every candidate invited to an interview can ask us any questions they have during the meeting
  • We give a quick feedback to the candidate (usually within 1 week)

If we don’t currently have a position open that you think is right for you, but you have a very good command of German and want to further develop or narrow your working expertise in an international agile company like Blubito, we would be happy if you could send us your CV and a short description to

Open Positions


  • be on time – not only because being late doesn’t make a good impression (we are a German company after all), but it can also coincide with another meeting

  • be yourself – be authentic, you can expect the same from us

  • be prepared – if you have any practical tasks or projects that would be relevant for the position and that you have not mentioned in the CV, it would be great for you to show them to us during the meeting

Let’s work together
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