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Developing software solutions, agile & digital transformation position us in a business area of constant change, innovation, and continuously evolving technology. Thanks to our large and colorful portfolio of clients, our colleagues have the opportunity to join projects both of startups and of already large corporations that are innovating internally at both process and product level.

We support our clients in every step of their individual software development – from architectural decisions to functionality creation to DevOps and maintenance. With our team of now 120+ professionals, we work on innovative software products with advanced technologies for major companies including DB, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, Allianz, Misumi Europe and more.


We employ people with different levels of experience who can develop their skills in a short time. We achieve this by fostering a friendly and productive working atmosphere, supporting each other, and having additional mentoring programs and trainings for each area of technology and Scrum.

We value the proactivity of our senior professionals who help younger talents further develop their personal and professional skills. We encourage the organization of internal webinars to share successful practices and the use of already proven tools in software solutions. We provide opportunities for additional certification in the specific professional area at no cost. 

Thanks to the unique to Blubito technical exchange programs – the so-called guilds, we can achieve the collective effect of sharing and improving skills. Currently, we have the following 10 guilds: Agile, Design, Java, Marketing, Frontend, .Net, QA, DevOps, WordPress, HR. Each guild organizes a meeting every 2 weeks.


As an employer with a flat structure and operating to the most up-to-date agile standards, our colleagues have a high level of flexibility, allowing them to manage their own working routines and have high levels of autonomy.

Our open home-office policy ensures maximum convenience and security for our colleagues. Thanks to our experienced Product Owners and Scrum Masters, it is ensured that the various projects are delivered efficiently and successfully. Тhanks to the availability of these roles, each colleague knows exactly what and how they are required to deliver, and if a professional challenge arises, they always have a helping hand available.


Thanks to a few internal traditions and activities, we have been able to build a strong team spirit and collective mindset. We are fortunate to have internal information platforms where news about the team and the company are regularly published. We encourage and value the proactive participation of colleagues to share what is new to them on both a professional and personal level. 

Along with great branded presents, we keep working on improving and expanding our social benefits. One of our coworkers’ favorite ways of forming team spirit and increasing productivity is our company’s memorable “offsites.” We never stop organizing activities that embody our company culture’s values and core pillars.